Rebutttal To The Republican Party's Statement In The Voters Guide

Dear Ms. Hughes,

You make mention of Leonard Horowitz, Ph.D., and Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, Ph.d as being on our Board of Directors. Not so, they are on our Board of Advisors along with a host of other distinguished professionals.

FYI, There is a substantial body of evidence in support of Dr. Horowitz's hypothesis, and Dr.Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati,however, what does this have to do with Proposition C !?..

In addition , you accuse us (me) by association as being "AIDS DENIERS"...This is blatantly false. I, Da Vid MD, do not deny the existence of AIDS. We have serious questions, as do many others, regarding the etiology and subsequent treatment of HIV/AIDS.

I highly recommend your reading the enclosed article so that you are informed as to where I stand on this important health issue. AIDS: A WHOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE.

I suggest you educate yourself regarding HIV/AIDS which happens to be an treatable condition as evidenced by many people who have been diagnosed HIV positive and have chosen alternative non-toxic approaches to this condition. We also acknowledge the partial success of the triple cocktail approach in prolonging life.

As a medical researcher, I am open to various perspectives which are outside the domain of the orthodox/allopathic model, however unorthodox they maybe.There is a whole host of other medical conditions which are being successfully treated via non-allopathic approaches such as homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy and orthomolecular medicine to name but a few!!

Your attempt to discredit/slander me and the Global Peace Foundation and The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation is both shameful and uncalled for.We demand an immediate apology and correction of your obvious disinformation campaign.

Da Vid MD
Director SF Medical Research Foundation
Director Global Peace Foundation