Some Suggested Components For the Proposed Global Peace Center Include and not limited to:

A. A PYRAMID-Shaped International Conference Center For Non-Violent Conflict Resolution.

B.The Harmonium, enclosed within a Hexagram, will be a stunningly beautiful multi-faceted geodesic Super IMAX-Like Theater. The Harmonium will employ advanced three dimensional holographic sound technologies and other special effect technologies which will promote and elicit a deep meditative, transpersonal and transcendental experience! An Ascension Experience!!

C. A dramatic Statue of St. Francis along side a Native American Sculpture welcoming all to the San Francisco bay Area.

D. A Native American Cultural Center, honoring the history, traditions, arts, and spiritual practices of the indigenous Native American community and beyond…

E. An Alcatraz Museum commemorating the storied and colorful history of Alcatraz, from pre-Columbian times to it’s recent history as a Federal prison…

F. Sacred Sanctuaries to include a MEDICINE WHEEL, a LABYRINTH and a Tibetan Buddhist STUPA and A Harmonic Sound Garden.

G. Additionally, The New Alcatraz will be an international showcase for Green energy technologies…

H. Bird Sanctuary

The Opportunity Is Here..The Choice Is Ours To Make…

“Where There Is Vision , We, The People Prosper”

Definitive Statement In Support Of Alcatraz Conversion Project

Coalition/Alliances Supporting The Alcatraz Conversion Project

THE ALCATRAZ CONVERSION PROJECT is a Research and Development Project of The Global Peace Foundation…The Global Peace Foundation is a division of The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation, a holistic health educational corporation and the Light Party,LLC.