Alcatraz Conversion

SF Ballot Initiative
The San Francisco Ballot Initiative Proposal

The following policy initiative appeared on the ballot in the Feb. 2008 San Francisco City elections:

The San Francisco Ballot Initiative Proposal:
Shall It Be The Policy Of The City Of San Francisco To Support And Facilitate The Acquisition Of Alcatraz Island For The Express Purpose Of Transforming Alcatraz Island Into The Global Peace center?


On February 4, 2008, 70,000 San Francisco Voters said YES! to The Alcatraz Conversion Project. This spiritual/visionary initiative resulted in substantial local, national and global media attention. The seed has has been planted and we will continue to do our best in nurturing this Project until its fully blossoms .

The New Alcatraz, a place of light, beauty and freedom will become an artistic, educational and spiritual center which will attract millions of people from throughout California and throughout the world who will thoroughly enjoy being “Inspired, Delighted, Healed and Enlightened”.