Definitive Statement In Support Of Alcatraz Conversion Project

The San Francisco Vote on Feb 5th, 2008 for rejuvenating Alcatraz Island is an historic opportunity to show our community's support for turning the tides on 150 years of militarism, punitive incarceration, and macabre tourism. It is an opportunity for us to state unequivocally that we feel that it would be better for all concerned to have a symbol of our higher values sitting in the center of our beautiful San Francisco Bay, one which people from around the world would come to visit, and actually go away inspired.

It is a chance to state our assessment that the crumbling structures of war and prison currently atop Alcatraz Island are not a National Historic Treasure to be saved and subtly glamorized, but are rather a National Historic Wound to be healed.

Its fruits will in time represent, as a widely visible testament, a positive cultural/pyscho-spiritual transformation.

If we as a people think that we cannot, in this time of acquiescing to unprecedented militarism and war spending, create and allocate the expertise and relatively small resources to make this small but inspiring testament to peace and human wisdom a reality, then we are left with much larger questions about ourselves and our values as a culture than whether to vote "Yes" on this simple initiative.

Logistically and financially this long-view project is within our capacities. That is without question, we have done much more with much less in the past. So then, what are the real questions posed by this vote?

We are voting here to reveal the true mind and heart of the people, to get the dialogue going, and to, against all odds, turn Alacatraz Island into a beacon of light.
Now that's history.

Give Peace a Chance. Vote "Yes" on Proposition C

Response To Editorial.."A Vision For Alcatraz",

Editor-In response to your recent editorial, "A Vision For Alcatraz", I would like to point out that two of the main features of our proposed new regenerated Alcatraz includes an International Center For Non-Violent Conflict Resolution along with a bold statue of St. Francis welcoming all to the S.F. Bay Area.

The fear based belief held by many of our "opponents" that this would be an economic burden for San Francisco and somehow subtract from the current tourist trade is from my perspective illogical . In reality, the economic benefits of this our proposed 21st century majestic, visionary project will be immensely positive. The New Alcatraz , a place of light, beauty and freedom will become an artistic, educational and spiritual mecca which will attract millions of people from all over the world who will thoroughly enjoy being " Inspired, Delighted, Healed and Enlightened".

Propostion C, is confronting the good people of San Francisco with a simple choice: Do we really want an old and decaying prison to continue to be a prominent landmark for the San Francisco Bay Area, or do we want to take this opportunity to create a New Alcatraz, one which will mark a new emerging paradigm committed to progressive, enlightened values ?!

To us, the choice is obvious. It will be most interesting to see what the people feel and think about Propostion C. In closing, I would like to remind all of us that " "Where There Is Vision, We, The People , Shall Prosper"


Da Vid Raphael MD
Director SF Medical Research Foundation
Director Global Peace Foundation