Alcatraz Conversion

An Invitation To Support An Epoch Making Project:
The Alcatraz Conversion Project

The Global Peace Foundation in association with One Earth One People Peace Vision, Inc. invites you to participate in a sacred and majestic project...the transformation of Alcatraz Island into The Global Peace Center...

Majestic in its Simplicity, Revolutionary as a Political Metaphor, The Global Peace Center Proclaims Global Renaissance! A New Epoch! A Time of Enduring Peace for All Humanity...

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California

By Converting Alcatraz Island, a place of pain and suffering,
into a "JEWEL OF LIGHT" We will a activate powerful forces for
cooperation, reconciliation and healing...

The Global Peace Center, featuring the Harmonium, an Artainment multi-media center, and The One Earth One People World Cultures and Conference Center will serve as a dramatic and dynamic international showcase.

The Next Step
The San Francisco Ballot Initiative Proposal:

We are proposing that Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco bay be returned to The City and County of San francisco for the express purpose of transforming Alcatraz Island into The Global Peace Center. Currently Alcatraz is administered by the Parks Dept. and is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Dept. of the Interior...

We have now gathered the required the required 10,000 plus signatures for our Proposal to appear on the ballot in the Feb. 2008 San Francisco City elections.

Once returned to the city and county of San Francisco, we envision that this billion dollar (the cost of 3 F-22 fighter planes) project will be administered by a a public trust or foundation, which will include representatives from the environmental, Native American, and business communities , etc.

By inspiring the hearts and minds of all globally minded people to the enormous benefits of creating a Global Peace Center on Alcatraz, we are confident that we can generate the necessary investments for this project.

It is our awareness that the Alcatraz Conversion Project will serve as a powerful, empowering, catalytic agent inspiring all Nations and People to come together in co-creating a New World... A World rooted in Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Freedom, Compassion and Creativity.

"Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." Goethe

Our Request:

We urge you now to further the Alcatraz Conversion Project by contacting any and all groups, friends and associates who will support of our local ballot iniative and global networking efforts.

Please Add your name/organization in support.

You and or your group/association(s) will be included in our web site under the subject of Alliances/and Coalitions in Support of The Alcatraz Conversion Project.

To learn more about this noble and timely project please feel free to call us @415-381-2644. Your feedback and networking support is deeply appreciated!

In Ever Expanding Peace, Love, and Freedom,

Da Vid M.D.
Director... The Global Peace Foundation
(415) 381-2644
Founder The Light party

Marshall "Golden Eagle" Jack
Associate Dir. Global Peace Foundation
Native American Spiritual Leader

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

19th generation keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle.
Spiritual leader among the Lakota, Dakota & Nakota People.

Laney Bluebird Woman,
One Earth, One People, Peace Vision, Inc.
(831) 623-2379

Robert W. Plath
Executive Dir. Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

Dan Millstein
Visions For Prisons

Bennie Earl "BlueThunder" LeBeau
(307) 851-6249